Design: open-air cheeks
Railing: Forged, artistic forge
Wood: only face ash

The MS-10 wooden stairs will certainly be for those who value the highest quality and attention to the smallest details in the interior design.

The stairs MS-10 by “Marchewka stairs – floors – interiors” were made of carefully selected ash wood. And to be precise, this model uses only hardwood. Such raw material:

it is present in older trees and has a reinforcing function,
It contains preservatives such as tannins and resins that make wood resistant to harmful agents such as fungi.

Like other products, the MS-10 was handmade. They have a cheek, open-air design in which the steps are placed between two supporting counters. The fact that one of them is adjacent to the wall makes it much easier to keep your home clean. The beauty of these stairs is perfectly complemented by a railing forged with a wooden handrail.
Stairs MS-10 are a part of a carpenter. They will be a real centerpiece to any interior, and their design will be very good for rooms where there is not enough space for a stairway.

The size of the stairs is adapted to the individual needs of our customers. The lead time is 5 months.