Exclusive and elegant wooden staircases

Exclusive wooden floors are available in our range for long life and a sophisticated look. Original drawing of the grain and multicolor of exotic wood, m.in. Kosipo, bobo, teak, amazakoue, bubinga is a connotation to the African landscape and fills the interiors with an intriguing climate. A unique wood ring patern and deep dark walnut color add a tone of arrangement to luxury lounges and corporate offices. Exclusive exotic wood floors are characterized by a firm fiber structure and high resistance to mechanical damage and discoloration. Exclusive wooden floors are available in our assortment to offer high style and reliable quality.


Elegant wooden floors

Elegant wooden floors are not just exotic wood. We have a range of noble domestic wood species to offer, which can be stained in many variations. The interiors are decorated in bright colors and are well-suited to the natural or white oak, ash or hornbeam wooden floors. These types of wood can also be demolished, giving them a dark tone. The elegant wooden floors available in our assortment combine the most precious wood species with their robust machining. Elegant wooden floors, thanks to our patented mounting system, are also ideal for floor heating. The highest quality wood material, the right thickness of the boards and the easy installation make our wooden floors long-lasting and highly elegant.


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