Wooden steps on concrete

Wooden steps on concrete create an elegant finish on concrete steps. We cover the concrete steps chosen by the customer with domestic or exotic wood, which is protected by paint, oil or stain. We have access to a wide range of high-end wood grades, so we can make mechanical damage-resistant wooden stairs on concrete in the colors of your preference. We will advise you in a professional manner which type of wood is best suited to your stairs. We look forward to doing business with you!


How can wooden stairs be made on concrete?

We offer the traditional method of making wooden stairs on concrete, i.e. with the raised step (kapinosa) in relation to the substep. We also have modern carpet stairs. In this case, the wooden structure has no cheeks and a raised nose, and the steps and substeps cover the concrete in a way that is similar to the expanded carpet. Wooden steps on concrete have many advantages. They create a solid, stable design and are quiet during use. If you are interested in our range of concrete wooden stairs, we encourage you to contact us!


schody na białym podłożu