Coffered ceiling

Wooden coffered ceilings are natural roof linings that offer infinite arrangement possibilities. You can order them from us in custom sizes and designs of your choice. A good idea is to combine different colors and structures of the coffered ceilings. In addition to the impressive wood coffered ceilings, you will also find a wide range of coffered finishes. We are ready to design coffered ceilings that perfectly reflect your needs. We encourage you to work together with us!


Advantages of coffered ceilings

There are many advantages to the ceiling lining in the form of cartridge ceilings. In addition to its esthetic qualities, it hides ceiling imperfections and provides a barrier to heat loss from the room. It is important to improve the acoustics of the room where the coffered ceiling is located to improve user comfort. Inside the cut-out wood ceiling cassettes, noise interference from adjacent rooms is reduced, as is the case in which reverberation is eliminated. Natural wood on the ceiling, suitably impregnated, enters the room with a warm climate.

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