Architects and interior designers

We invite architects and interior designers to work together, we will provide a complete service to
their work in the selection of stairs, floors and other wooden arrangements at every stage of their
We are at your full disposal during the interior design phase. We are consulting with you not only on
the selection of materials for stairs, floorboard or different tipes of wooden constructions, but also on
the color and finish of the wood and we are working hard to ensure that the proposed stairs and
furniture are comfortable and perfectly suited to the designed arrangements.
Our long-lasting experience also translates into advice on all kinds of technical issues related to the
selection and installation of stairs and the floor boards, but also in the early stages of the stairway
design. Taking into account even the smallest architectural suggestions can be crucial in the final form
of the stairs, affecting their aesthetics, convenience and improving the communication of the house.
On our website, we offer you a variety of wood textures to download, and during our meeting you will
receive all the necessary samples to help you select the final wood species and finish.
We can also help you estimate your investment at a cost. The variety of materials we have enables us
to optimally plan our projects in line with the investor's budget, leaving you the opportunity to choose
robust and beautiful, proven solutions and individual, sophisticated concepts.