The wooden doors from our range are the essence of durability and elegance. Made of the most noble wood, the exterior and interior doors offer you security, privacy and will become a decorative element in your home, apartments or business. We offer wooden doors with single and multi-wing doors as well as wooden doors full of wood and glass-enclosed wooden doors. We also produce other wooden door trims, such as an exceptionally elegant wood transition. We would like to invite you to check out our full range of wooden doors!

Exclusive outdoor wooden door

The exclusive exterior wooden doors offer you long-lasting durability and resistance to weather and mechanical influences such as scratches and dents. They are made of extremely high-impact, hard domestic or exotic wood species. The sealing systems are used to ensure that the outer wooden door we propose has a low coefficient of thermal penetration. We design and construct a unique outdoor wooden door for you, which is distinguished by its exclusive design.


Elegant wooden interior doors

Elegant wooden interior doors offer a robust and stylish interior door made of high quality domestic and exotic wood. The wood, from which we produce elegant wooden interior doors, has a unique grain, texture and color scheme. We have a single and double-hinged interior door full of glass or original glass. Glass fills can appear in a variety of shapes, creating decorative panels and giving doors lightweight and subtlety. We encourage you to follow our range of elegant indoor wooden doors, which we are constantly updating.