Wooden ceilings

Wooden ceilings made of high-quality wooden boards are a unique interior decoration. The wood ceiling decoration is associated with the eco style, as wood on the ceiling brings a strong natural accent into the room. We also produce decorative wood-based cartridge ceilings. The wooden ceilings available in our range are made from domestic or exotic wood, so they can easily match the wood species and color to the ceiling to your own taste.


What is the best color to choose for a wooden ceiling?

Choosing a wood color for the ceiling has a huge impact on the room's arrangement. We offer you a wide range of wood colors, as well as expert advice on the selection of wooden boards, depending on the intended finish of the ceiling. If you want to cover the entire ceiling surface with wood, consider the purchase of light wood ceiling boards, such as natural or bleached oak, ash, hornbeam. If you want to get a local decorative effect on a limited ceiling surface, choose strong dark tons of wood per ceiling. We invite you to consult with us on your interior design ideas – our experienced staff will be happy to help you choose the best wooden ceiling for your interiors.