Oak staircases

Versatile oak staircases blend well with the interior in any style. Processed with natural waxes and oils, or covered with safe paint, our oak-stairs are redecorated with a beautiful original appearance and a long life. We provide exclusive wooden staircases in dark oak, natural red oak, but also oak stairs painted gray. Pigmented oils are also used to impregnate oak stairs. We are building for you a solid staircase of noble oak, which presents a unique craftsmanship.


Characteristics of oak staircases

Hard-material stairs, such as oak wood, have high durability and resistance to mechanical damage, so oak staircases are popular with both private and commercial investors. They are ideal for heavy-duty utility applications, not only for their functionality – robust oak stairs underline the elegance of the interior. We encourage you to take a look at our full range of oak staircases.

schody z dębu