dom z wieloma schodami




The craft brought to perfection becomes art

Wooden stairs

Wooden stairs with a self-supporting structure as well as concrete, in a modern or classic style. All outputs are made on a customer-specific request. We invite you to visit our showroom at the company's headquarters (Piotrowice, ul. Ogrodowa 13, 55-311 Kostomłoty – access from Wrocław direction about 30 min) where you can see and walk through five different, well-appointed stairs. There you will find modern staircases, folded staircases, classical staircases.

kręte brązowe schody
ciemna podłoga

Wooden floors

The floorboards we make are unique. They can be as long as 9 m and can be between 16 and 35 cm wide. We have a patented system for installing boards on floor heating. Depending on the customer's requirements, it is also possible to combine a wooden floor with stones or tiles, without the use of non-esthetic strips or cork, finishing the contacts between the materials.

We invite you to visit our exhibition hall (Piotrowice 125, Kostomłoty - from the direction of Wrocław, lower silesia), where you can see installed boards, and choose and compare a wide range of wood, widths and board finishes.


  • length up to 9 m
  • width up to 35 cm
  • individual fulfillment of each order
  • settlement for mounted floor area only (no waste)
  • optional board thickness: 16mm or 20mm
  • we have a patented system for mounting boards on floor heating
  • in addition, we offer a transport with assembly

Interiors – wooden

Interior equipment such as: tables, doors, mezzanine, enclosures, whether the coffered ceilings are made from wood of domestic and exotic species, which gives the interiors a unique aura, a sense of elegance, charm, and everything is right out of the room.

okrągły stół