As a wood material finish manufacturer, we offer high-quality floor boards. We specialize in the treatment of different species of domestic and exotic wood. We have also patented a special system of floor heating drill holes, which ensures optimum indoor heat performance, and introduces a cozy atmosphere from the natural raw material of our floor boards.


Long floorboards

In our extensive range of wooden boards you will find extremely elegant long floorboards. The length of our wooden boards can reach 9m, while the width is 16 to 35cm. We are able to provide you with long floor boards from 16mm to 20mm thick. Long floor boards are long lasting with a beautiful original design. With such a wide range of long wooden boards on the floor, we will be sure to find a product that meets your needs.


What opportunities does the mounting of the floorboards give?

There are several ways to install the floorboards. We offer boards of many species of national and exotic trees. They differ in texture, graining and color. An unusual effect can be achieved on the floor by combining different types of wood. In our assortment you will find boards of different widths. It is also an opportunity to create combinations of boards of different dimensions. This gives you a very original floor. The final result of the board installation is influenced by many factors. Floor boards can be arranged in many ways. The maintenance also affects the appearance of the floorboards. Oil-coated boards are different, waxed boards are different, and other effects are given by the the paint on the boards. It is also important to have a surface finish on the floor. If you have any questions about how to lay the floor, please contact us. Our experienced staff will show you the most interesting combinations of floor boards.


The advantages of wooden floor boards

Wooden planks on the floor have many advantages. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, they are a natural material that is ideal for allergy sufferers. Floor boards also have anti-static properties, so that allergic substances do not accumulate on their surface. Floor boards are the perfect heat and sound insulator. Thanks to these features, a floor made of floor boards brings a warm, peaceful atmosphere into the interior. The floor boards available in our range are made of wood with a dense structure. The hardness of the floorboards makes them resistant to mechanical damage, dents or scratches. The great advantage of floor boards is that they can be renovated, so it is an investment you will use for years to come.


podłoga z naturalnych desek