Floors on floor heating

We offer a wide range of wooden floors for floor heating. We have a patented system for installing boards on floor heating. Thanks to a special drill system in the bottom layer of plywood and a suitable thickness of boards, our wooden floor heating floors are optimized for technical performance and can be used in floor heating systems without disturbing the heating function of the floor heating system.


Convenient floor installation for floor heating

The floor heating floors we offer are a major advantage of how they are assembled. We have patented an esthetic and convenient way of joining the latch boards, which allows you to install wooden floor boards without the use of adhesive. This type of mounting also makes it possible to connect wooden boards to ceramic tiles or stone in an elegant way, without the need for connecting bars. The main strengths of our floors for floor heating are:

  • length up to 9 m,
  • width up to 35 cm,
  • individual fulfillment of each order,
  • settlement only for the installed floor area (no waste),
  • optional board thickness: 16mm or 20mm,
  • we have a patented system for mounting
  • boards on floor heating,
  • In addition, we offer transport with assembly.

In our exhibition salon (Piotrowice 125, Kostomłoty - directions from Wrocław, lower Silesia) we present some examples of the use of our wooden boards. You can also see the texture, colors and dimensions of the wood available from us. We would like to invite you to visit our showroom!


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