The floorboards we make are unique. They can be as long as 9 m and can be between 16 and 35 cm wide. We have a patented system for mounting boards on floor heating. Depending on the customer's requirements, it is also possible to combine a wooden floor with a stone or tiles, without the use of non-esthetic strips or cork, finishing the contacts between the materials.

We invite you to visit our exhibition hall (Piotrowice 125, Kostomłoty - from the direction of Wrocław, lower silesia), where you can see m.in. installed boards, and choose and compare a wide range of wood, widths and board finishes.


  • length up to 9 m
  • width up to 35 cm
  • individual fulfillment of each order
  • settlement for mounted floor area only (no waste)
  • optional board thickness: 16mm or 20mm
  • we have a patented system for mounting
  • boards on floor heating
  • in addition, we offer a transport with assembly



rodzaje desek


podłoga w łazience


Floors on floor heating

podłoga w salonie


Exclusive and elegant wooden staircases