Modern staircases

Modern staircases are an elegant and functional design element that blends with the modern interior design. We are involved in the production of modern wooden stairs, which are made of many solid wood species. We are happy to combine the different wood components of the stairs with steel or glass, creating sophisticated spatial forms. Thanks to modern carpenters, we create non-template wooden guardrails, which can take the form of dynamic strips and futuristic hoveries, design dolls and step posts. We are undertaking ambitious projects that make the interiors modern.


Our proposals for the construction of modern wooden stairs

Wooden stairs are made in a modern style with different methods. The modern counter-rigid steps, which are arranged on one side of a stairway, are very popular with our customers, while on the inside of the stairs there is a handrail to which steps are attached with eye-catching trapbars and sticks. This design allows the stairs to take on the qualities of lightness and modernity. Similarly, carpet stairs, mounted in the form of wooden steps on concrete or self-supporting steps, which are both simple and modern. The perfect addition to the minimalist style is a light-looking support stairway (shelf) mounted to the interior wall of the building, as well as modern open-air stairs that are free of foots.


schody z przestrzenią pod nimi