Curved staircases

Curved staircases add a sophisticated style to your interior. They are extremely attractive. The unique design of the curved staircases opens up a wide range of scene possibilities, which are endless thanks to the carpenter's techniques. Curved staircases can be designed and built in any style you want. In our offer you will find bent wooden stairs for concrete or self-supporting variants. The big advantage is that it is easy to fit the curved staircases to any space, both small and large. If you have a limited space, we suggest placing the stairs next to the wall, while the spacious interior where they are to take center stage will be designed and made with attractive open stairs.


Extravagant mix of materials for curved staircases designs

We use extravagant construction materials in our curved staircases designs. We use the highest quality domestic or exotic wood to complete the stairs. Different types of wood vary in color and straw, as well as hardness and hygroscopic properties. We specialize in the production of curved staircases with solid or perforated wooden railings, which offer a varied level of decoration to suit individual customer needs. For you, we can make curved staircases from wood that is combined with metal or glass. With a real passion, we create personalized curved staircases that show the refined taste of the host.


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