Design: Concrete, lacing wooden stairs in the form "Z"
Railing: Simple glass panes with wooden handrail recessed in step and step. Seep railing glass recessed into a metal profile in the floor, edge of the ceiling enclosed by an angle strip
In addition: At the bottom of the drawer platform
Wood: ash thermo
Finish: Semi-matt lacquer

Stairs that are straight to concrete are not boring at all. The MS-141 looks very classic, but the functionality, sleek presentation and lightweight design are all built into it.

The concrete base was laid with high-quality ash wood in the form of ‘Z’. Ash thermo is an excellent alternative to exotic wood. The native wood has undergone a special heat treatment. The material has become more visually attractive and much more resistant, yet it is still much cheaper than exotic wood. The sophisticated, walnut-chocolate-colored thermo ash has been added. The unique color of the straight-step concrete steps adds a semi-matt finish to the finish.

Simple to concrete, the original sidewalk adds a striking railing - simple glass panes with a wooden handrail. This ensures that the wooden stairs do not overwhelm the space, but remain very safe. Although they are not enclosed in a stairway, they clearly divide the house between day and night parts.

The MS-141 model of wooden straight stairs has a very practical addition, a drawer platform, which is an integral part of the stairway structure. The drawers are embedded in the platform so discreetly that they will only be aware of them inside.

The simple wooden stairs fit perfectly in a minimalist interior. They won't upset their elegant harmony, but at the same time they add a bit of coziness.