Design: open-air cheeks
Railing: Straight polished stainless steel tubes + wooden handrail
Wood: American walnut

Beautiful, classic self-supporting stairs made of a warm brown American walnut.
The perforated, cheerless design with stainless steel tubing, polished, balustrade provides an ultra-light feel. A versatile choice for eclectic and modern interiors.

Getting on stairs is not a pleasure for everyone. But just hit the stairs that almost carry, encourages their comfort and attract a unique style. That's what it's all about – it's so simple, but it's an encouraging step.
The American-walnut open-air cheek design is a compromise between strength and gentleness. The dark, elegant color has a wood structure, which adds dynamism and awe, while the lack of foots makes the stairs look light-free, and does not overwhelm, making them perfect even in narrow aisles.

The railing deserves attention - the simple stainless steel tubes are very contrasting with the finesse handrail, which wraps around the entrance of the stairs. It looks stylish and modern, yet classically and elegantly, and above all gives you a sense of comfort and security. The lightweight gloss of the steel elements makes the composition lighter and adds subtleties.

The stairs are perfectly shaped. Their rounded start makes the interior light and the right width of the steps allow you to easily move between the heels. They will also be an attractive interior decoration - they are modern, but not excessive, which is ideal for a wide range of different arrangements. These stairs make you want to take a step – whatever your destination or even for simple pleasure!