Design: open-air cheeks
Railing: Stainless steel, safety glass
Wood: hornbeam

Slender MS-126 grab stairs
Get the original solution in your home and order an ultra-slim graywood staircase with us. The bright, soft tone of these stairs has been a great way to light up any interior. Premium grain wood provides a solid construction and a vibrant color look. The delicate drawing of jars and knots gives each stage, cheeks and guardrails an original character.
Lightweight and solidity
The stable stairway design has an extremely light appearance because it has a cheek open-air design. This is a very fashionable solution that does not overwhelm the interior and provides more light in our rooms, optically widening each of them.
The intriguing combination of materials was incorporated into the railings, made of stainless steel and safety glass. This makes grabsteps look modern and stylish. Also, the distinctive fold-over stairway handrail emphasizes the finesse of the model – it makes you want to slide down on it!
Enjoy the ultimate comfort of these stairs at every step! Even when you're on a flat surface, we recommend a wide range of wooden floors to choose from.

Treat yourself well and order elegant stairs and enjoy a different living space – come in contact with us and we will certainly find the best solution for your interior!