Design: open-air cheeks
Railing: Polished stainless steel balusters
Wood : American walnut
Finish: Semi-matt lacquer

Timeless stairs MS-124
A revolving walnut – the shortest possible time would be to define these timeless stairs, which are twisted into a classic spiral. This build-up madness adds a unique character to the stairs, which will certainly fit in particular with the clarity of the houses being arranged.

Balanced walnut stairs
The open-air cheeks design adds a very light impression to the walnut stairs. Unconstructed steps and a slim handrail make the stairs look like they are suspended in the air. This also means that they are comfortable to use in their everyday lives – getting down and going in is really comfortable with this model.
In addition, the railing made of stainless steel, polished lusty with a shine that will give the structure an exclusive character. The shape of the silver balusters, reinforced in the center, is inspired by the look of the piano keys. Their color is perfectly contrasting with the red-colored steps, cheeks and railings made of American walnut wood. This robust wood grade will give the stairs durability and style. The semi-matt lacquer will also blend well with the shiny painted balusters.
If you are looking for stairs that will bring a timeless class with a touch of sophistication into your house, the MS-124 is perfect. It combines classic design with modern design.

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