Design: Self-supporting with foodroot
Railing: Steel cables + wooden handrail
Wood: platinized oak, white painted oak

The design of the treatment stairs with foosroot on two supporting beams, ideally suited to modern arrangement concepts. Steps made of oak wood – beams and footings painted white with visible wood structure, steps with protruding noisks coated with a light-colored cotton stick that not only looks good but is a very practical finish. Filling of steel cable balustrades with a simple wooden frame. The whole composition looks light and natural.
The floor of the house is a completely different world. There is a bedroom that gives you a whole day of love or a child's room, with a cheerful laugh. There is a private beauty center where good ideas are born or the bathroom is a private beauty center. But all of this would not matter if it wasn't for the stairs. This beautiful modern design is the real way to happiness.
The stylish self-supporting design seems to be designed for modern design interiors. It's ideal for the cozy, where everything has its own story, just as for the minimalist– each of them will be a testimony to good taste and style. The stairs are oak, so hard, strong and durable, guaranteeing long-term use, and their color scheme will add a light and fresh feel to the interior. The patination ensures that the natural wood structure is preserved, while the white applied to the substeps are always associated with neatness and elegance.
The railings are an interesting solution. The wooden handrail is the perfect combination with steps, while the steel-wire balusters are the avant-garde design that gives you even greater weight. At the same time, it is strong and stable to ensure safe use of the stairs. While the whole looks gentle, it has the confidence and durability of a combination of the right materials and the design itself. All the success of the stairs lies in their simplicity, which is why they will be the perfect complement to the full character of the interior.