Design: Cheeks with substeps
Railing: Two strips
Wood: Bodo, white painted oak

This is certainly an unusual achievement for a number of reasons.
The steps from below are invisible thanks to a special construction.
The stairs are two-colored and extend into two sides from the procedure.
In addition, a floor which imitates the first step for optical expansion of the entire production was made.

The cozy arrangement is not just the right color of the walls or the addition of heat and safety. It's also structures that make the interior a real place for well-being. One of them are the stairs, beautiful and comfortable, which completely change the face of the house.

This unique cheek subshoe design is a true masterpiece, worthy of any stylish interior. Made from the combination of wood and oak, it is a solid composition that makes it extremely comfortable to move between the floors. Wide steps give you a sense of stability, while the substeps give you a strong yet cozy feel. The railing attracts attention – two strips of finesse hang at the beginning of the stairs, while at turns they have mild curves, giving a feeling of light and dynamic. The entire structure is made of wood and is designed to be as natural as the raw material can be seen.

Color adds elegance. The chestnut steps, with dark brown veins, combined with white under footed ones, look very stylish, light and classic, making them a great choice in a variety of fashionable interiors, changing the way they are. The noble wood looks ultra-chic, and is strong and stable, providing a long-lasting comfort. These stairs are a decoration in itself, which creates the impression of warmth and, combined with the safety of their use, is the perfect complement to a cozy, pleasant interior.