Location: Walendów show house
Design: Counter-steps, open-air stairs
Railing: Artistic forge
Wood: gray painted oak
Finish: Semi-matt lacquer

The MS-116 stairs made of wood from “Marchewka stairs – floors – interiors” are designed for customers who value safety, aesthetics and good room arrangement.

Oak wood is used in this stairway model. It is polish wood, very popular amongst carpenters and by customers. It is durable and resistant to mechanical damage. In the MS-116 model, oak wood is presented in a noble gray cotton-like shade. The assembly is finished with a semi-matt lacquer. With this treatment, the stairs are very elegant and blend perfectly with the rest of the room. The stairs are of an open-air, cheeky construction. This is a classic design where the steps are placed between the running counter. This design ensures high stability and therefore safety. The attention is drawn to the railing - a curved pattern is combined with a wooden handrail. This is an example of a glamorous artistic forge.

This type of stairway is very well suited for bright and spacious interiors, with a mixture of gold and graphite.

The size of the stairs is adapted to the individual needs of our customers.

The stairs are located in the exhibition house at the Ventana settlement in Walendow (Warsaw).