Design: Steps on concrete
Wood: Kosipo
Railing: Stainless steel 3 bars stairs

The MS-107 wooden stairs made by the company “Marchewka stairs– floors – interiors” are a modern design aimed at customers that value minimalism in their interior design.
To make the MS-107 stairs, kosipo wood from the tropical area of Africa is used. It is an exotic species characterized by an interesting brown color with a delicate and rustic note to it. This type of wood is very pleasant to treat, especially because it is very easy to polish, stain or paint. The stairs can therefore be easily impregnated and thus protected from harmful external influences.
The M-107 wooden stairs are placed on the concrete. The concrete structure is massive and extremely stable. The overall lightness is added by the railing. The bars are made of strong, carefully selected stainless steel that fits perfectly with the wooden handrail.

The MS-107 matches perfectly with the color white, and the lighter frays in the wood, that both under artificial and sunlight burn out, add charm to any interior.

The size of the stairs is adapted to the individual needs of our customers.