Design: ZETA step-substep, with clearance above steps
Railing: Wooden handrail, glass and metal
Wood: hornbeam, colorless oil

The M-103 wood stairway model is a choice for those who value minimalism in their interior design.
The wood used in the production of these stairs is hornbeam, one of the toughest wood species in the world (called "iron wood"), that's why it is so popular amongst carpenters and customers.
These stairs are made with ZETA step-by-step technology, with clearance over steps. This design is called a carpet. Steps and substeps, including their hidden steel elements, have a structural function and are therefore very massive. The railing that works stiffened plays a very important role in the construction of these stairs. The M-103 railing is a combination of wooden handrail, metal workpieces and glass.

With this design and a light shade of wood, the M-103 stairs look good in very simple raw interiors,for example, when compared to a brick wall and darker wall, graphite tiles with an irregular structure.

The size of the stairs is adapted to the individual needs of our customers.