Design: ZETA step-substep
Railing: Artistic forge
Wood: American walnut

The MS-99 wooden stairs are a customer-facing model that favors the classic design of the stairs with a light note of modern design.
The stairs of “Marchewka stairs – floors – interiors” are made of a very pleasing type of wood – American walnut. This type of material is very appreciated by carpenters, because it is relatively easy to cut and grind. In addition, American walnut wood is widely used by architects. It is distinguished by decorative straw and by a very dark and noble color. For this stairway model, the ZETA step-sub-step design is used, which does not require additional supporting elements in the form of cheek beams.
The MS-99 is a very good example of artistic creativity. Forged balustrades are not only the most durable, but also the most beautiful way to protect the stairs. Here the curved and irregular pattern is combined with the wooden handrail.
This kind of wooden stairs will be a very good addition to the minimalist and cost-effective design of the room. The simple form is the perfect display of American walnut wood used in its construction.
The size of the stairs is adapted to the individual needs of our customers.