Design: open-air cheeks
Railing: two strips
Wood: bodo

This model of the MS-21 stairs made by “Marchewka stairs – floors – interiors” was made of exotic wood from bodo. The trees from which this raw material is derived come from Africa. The plastic has a deep and interesting color. This is a rust-colored color that turns into bronze. It is also worth pointing out that it is probably:
hard wood,
resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage.
These stairs are a ribbon model with a counting, matrix design. This structure is very stable and safe. The steps are located between two bearing counts.
With these stairs the complete composition of the ribbon guardrails, made from boto wood, is excellent.
Spiral stairs are especially recommended for small homes or for homes. They are very well suited in confined spaces where there is no room for a cagestepped. This type of staircase is also a perfect complement to your living room, for example. The cheek design is also very light and does not overwhelm the room.
The size of the stairs is adapted to the individual needs of our customers. The lead time is 5 months.