Design: Cheeks with substeps
Railing: Wooden balusters
Wood: bodo

Refined wooden stairs made of bodo MS-20
This model of sophisticated wooden stairs is especially recommended for the interiors of stately houses, which are stylized for former manor houses or for exhibition residences. Stairs of such a highly stylized character require a sufficient space to be able to show themselves fairly.
That is why we dedicate these stairs with traditionally designed interiors. We can assure you that this stunning model will not only serve your home but also become its heart. All villas will appreciate this new acquisition.
Walking in a royal style
The extra exclusivity of the stairs is due to an exotic wood species originating in Africa. The wood of bodo is characterized by an intense dark color, which makes the stairs more elegant and prestigious. The railings are also made of carved wood-grass balusters, making the stairs look consistent and refined. The wall is also boazeria – a unique finish that not only looks beautiful, but is also practical to prevent wall dirt.

The cheeky underfoot design adds a maiseness and pattern to these royal stairs on request. They're extremely stable, and the comfort of walking on these solid steps is amazing. Give your interior a tasteful atmosphere by matching the wooden floor to the stairs with bodo wood.

Come and contact us and we will be happy to find the perfect solution for your home!