Design: Steps on concrete
Railing: balusters
Wood: bubinga
Location: Restaurant in Kołobrzeg "Domek Kata" 1 Ratuszowa St. – Centrum

The MS-19 wooden stairs are a stylish model designed and manufactured by “Marchewka stairs – floors – interiors”.

The MS-19 uses premium quality bubinga wood. Due to the difficult availability and relatively high price, this grade is considered to be an exclusive one. Bubinga wood is vastly liked because of its extensive color, passing from bright and dark red to red and brown, sometimes even to purple. It is also characteristic of its elephant, so it is so popular to use on all furniture, floors or stairs.

The wooden stairs MS-19 are placed on a massive and stable concrete structure. The railing is based on wooden planks that provide a solid support for the handrail. The input and end bars are finished with a bold decoration.

The MS-19W wooden stairs will look great in richly decorated, lavish interiors and minimalist interiors, making it the main element.

The size of the stairs is adapted to the individual needs of our customers. The lead time is 5 months.

Pictures of the achievement come from the restaurant “Domek Kata” in Kołobrzeg. The hotel is located on 1 Ratuszowa Street – Centrum.