Design: open-air cheeks
Railing: Stainless steel wooden handrail
Wood: only face ash

The beautiful wooden stairs MS-15 by “Marchewka stairs – floors – interiors” are a perfect choice for classic style lovers.
This stairway model is made of very carefully selected ash wood. This is our native wood species, which is a very rich and beautiful straw. However, it should be noted that hardwood is used to make this stairway model. This raw material is distinguished by the fact that it is resistant to the effects of harmful substances and, at the same time, contains preservatives. Mainly resin or tannins.

The MS-15 stairs are of a cheek, open-air design. These are stairs with a very light and very durable form. The cheek bars also have a high strength and therefore stability. The railing also works very well with this structure. It is a combination of stainless steel and a wooden handrail.

The design of these stairs takes up relatively little space. It will therefore be a very good solution for, for example:
double-level apartments,
for rooms where there is not too much space available for the stairway.
The size of the stairs is adapted to the individual needs of our customers. The lead time is 5 months.