Design: open-air cheeks
Railing: two strips
Wood: kosipo

The wild kosipo stairs are tempting with the magic of symmetry. This balanced aesthetic makes climbing and descending stairs an amazing experience. This exclusive model is particular and produced in exotic kosipo wood. This African grade has a clear, bright color with a subtle shade of weakly saturated red. This unbanal color scheme will give every interior an original and unique atmosphere.
Symmetrical lightness
A proven matrix design gives these stately stairs an incredible lightweight feel. The two-strip railing is an interesting finish on the stairs, inviting you to use them. Feel the ultimate comfort in this stable, carefully finished design. The stairway can be easily and comfortably moved around the house thanks to the bifurcation of the stairs. Our beautiful, custom-made stairs are not only worthy of presentation, but also very practical in everyday use.

The unique stairs also require a unique light, so why not take a look at our extensive range of wooden floors that will just emphasize the beauty of this model and the whole interior. In particular, we draw attention to the wooden kosipo floor, which will complement the exotic style, while preserving the consistency of the interior. With us, you can arrange your whole house in style!

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