Design: straight single-wing doors
Wood: amazaque
Finish: Colorless oil

Doors are an extremely important part of the house. Closed, they allow you to isolate yourself from the rest of the world and relax in peace, while open, they are an invitation to spend time together. Doors provide a feeling of comfort and security – so they must be the guarantor of the door.

Elegant, durable and authentic! Made from the amazaque wood, the door is extremely noble and has a high level of hardness, which guarantees its robustness. A slightly larger frame than a classic one, made of the same raw material, creates a unique duo, an important element of the interior decoration. The color of the door – brown but not uniform – deserves particular attention. It is intertwined with olive and mahogany tones, with clear dark veins for a stylish, natural design. You can feel a delicate texture underneath your fingers, adding to the door its originality.

The door has been finished with colorless oil, allowing the beautiful structure of exotic wood to be preserved and strengthened. This makes the door look natural and very stylish. The single-wing, simple design allows it to be used in both smaller and larger interiors, whether private or business. The door will blend perfectly with walls in different shades, creating a cozy feel and adding style to your interior. These doors will certainly add a charm and visual warmth.