As many interior designers have already seen, nature often turns out to be the most outstanding architect, from which it is only possible to draw some of the scene ideas. It is in this spirit and philosophy that the design organic table was created, which is based on the natural root of an exotic tree.

Carefully cleaned and perfectly trimmed root provides an excellent base for the circular glass top. Because the table top is transparent, it creates an interesting depth effect and we can also watch from above the unique wood structure and shape of this unusual root, even when you enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee every day. It's never been easier to get around with the still life!

The combination of wood and transparent glass ensures a clean yet highly courageous appearance of this furniture "with soul". This means that the table is modern and has a warm note to it, which is usually free of metal-glass furniture, for example.

Add a bold look to your interior with this organic tree root table! We would like to invite you to contact us and to take a look at our other offer - we particularly recommend the comprehensive realization of your interior to achieve a consistent and stylistic result in one go. Welcome!