Design: Construction of the bathtub
Wood: kosipo
Finish: Semi-matt lacquer

Wooden tub housing MW-15 is the perfect choice for those who want to add a natural touch to their bathroom.

The carefully selected exotic kosipo wood was used to make the case for the MW-15 tub from “Marchewkastairs – floors – interiors”. The company is committed to ensuring that the materials used in the manufacture of interior design, floors or stairs are the raw material of the highest quality.

The kosipo wood is a very good choice for rooms with higher air humidity. It is exotic wood, means that:
contains tannins and resin, i.e. natural preservatives,
it has essential oils which protect the color in addition,
It also stands out because it is dense, hard and does not soak.

Despite the special characteristics of the wood, we should remember to take care of them properly - to remove dirt and excess water.

Kosipo is also very much liked due to its unique deep color, which in the case of the MW-15 has been underlined by a semi-matt lacquer.

The wooden enclosure of the tub looks great in combination with white, gray and furniture made of the same material.