Category: Light floors

Wood: ash
Lenght: 7,0 mb
Width: 24 cm
Thickness: 2 cm
Finish: Semi-matt lacquer
In addition: Can be made for floor heating

The MP-88 wooden floor is the perfect choice for those who value top quality and timeless, elegant design.

The floor board from “Marchewka Stairs-Floors-Interiors” is made of very carefully selected ash wood. This type of material is very popular for making boazeries, in the flooring or construction carpentry. Ash is not fissile and is characterized by its elasticity and abrasion resistance.
Our customers love this kind of wood also for its color. The natural ash is distinguished by a combination of light and dark colors, making the floor turn into a specific mosaic. The ash wood floor blends very well with other wooden elements with a darker color.
Remember to keep your ash-wood floor well-treated. First of all, water should not be used when cleaning the floor. To avoid damage to the wood, it is best to vacuum or sweep the floor.

Dimensions: The length of the MP-88 wooden floor is 7 meters, the width is 24 cm and the thickness is 2 cm.
The floor board MP-88 can also be made for floor heating.