Category: Dark floors

wood : thermo ash
in addition: can be made for floor heating
Whether you stomp on the ground or like to lie down and relax – it's important that you can do what you want in your own house – safely, comfortably and pleasantly. So you need a floor that is the foundation for you to take another step or stop, run or mud, a solid, hard, beautiful floor. Just like this one.

The thermo ash floor is built for excellent durability. It is ideal for floor heating, so you can create a cozy interior while providing an exceptional visual experience for years to come. Wood on boards has been heat treated to increase its resistance. So it's perfect for those where the floor is full of life.

Look out for the color – the thermo-modified floor board has a natural, chocolate-caramel shade. The lacquer protection ensures greater clarity and color depth and a satin, elegant finish. The long boards are ideal for small spaces, giving them optical space and large spaces, ensuring their integrity and elegance.

This beautiful wooden floor is the ideal solution for frequently used rooms. Its high resistance, combined with the elegance of the ash boards, makes it ideal for both modern and classic interiors. The comfort and visual effect of a court floor is not to be underestimated.