Wood: american walnut
Width: 24 cm
Floor heating: Yes
A floor is more than a structural component. You can sit down while you're socializing, and in your spare time you can practice or relax with a board game. It is also something we have to deal with 24 hours a day, so it must be of the highest quality. The right choice is the foundation for a comfortable home.

Made from American walnut boards, this wooden floor is the perfect combination of beauty and durability. The esthetic impression is made by a clear wood structure, preserved in its natural spirit, adding a dynamic floor. In terms of color, bronze is mixed with various shades, which always add to the coziness, creating a warm and pleasant arrangement. It is no other case: A floor that has a clear warming effect will make it a climate that combines elegance and affordability.
24 cm-wide boards are ideal for smaller or larger spaces. They can be placed on floor heating, which is ideal for those who value comfort in a beautiful environment. It is the quintessence of contemporary design that allows not only practical but also attractive, charming arrangements to be created. This wooden floor, which is extremely pleasant to use, is suitable for both classic and modern interiors, adding a unique atmosphere to everyone.