Wood: brushed thermo ash
Length: 6,8 mb
Width: 24 cm
Finish: Semi-matt lacquer
In addition: A board made for floor heating

A well-selected floor creates the whole ambience of your home. It's all about changing furniture, changing the temperature of the lights or introducing new decorations, but it's the floor that lifts the whole feeling and character of the house. It is durable, reliable and permanent. Therefore, from the very beginning, it should make the right impression, invite and encourage a step forward.
This ash floor is classic with a note of craziness, an ideal choice for those who want to create a cozy yet slightly harsh climate in their interior. The thermo ash, brushed and patina, has a very distinct character. It's a color-winning board that mixes bronze tones, from beige to chocolate, beautifully with a deep, well-defined wood structure.
The boards are 6.8m long, ideal for larger spaces, adding to their size, but also giving you a cozy feel. Their 24 cm width is natural and creates a pleasant mosaic effect for the eye. The ash boards are covered with a semi-matt lacquer, allowing them to be protected in a solid manner. It is worth noting that the earlier thermal modification has made ash even more durable. This makes the boards extremely durable and resistant to damage.
Thermo ash boards can be placed for floor heating. As a result, the interior will not only acquire visual warmth, but will naturally become more cozy and affordable. This type of floor is ideal for use in either a loftable or a court-style arrangement.