Wood: lightly brushed natural oak
Length: 9,0 m
Width: 24 cm
Thickness: 2 cm
Finish: slightly dimmed oil
Output: Whole realization performed in the President RP LECHA WAŁĘSY's Suite at Arłamów Hotel

The MP-99 floor board from “Marcheka stairs – floors – interiors” is a real treat for classicists in interior design.

The MP-99 board is made of our native wood, natural oak. This variety of raw materials is popular amongst our customers for many reasons. One of them is its superior strength. The natural oak stands out for:
high resistance to mechanical damage,
to scratches
to dirt.
These benefits make it very suitable for houses or apartments. In addition, oak wood is recommended for people with allergies.

The beauty of this wooden floor is emphasized by its finish. The MP-99 board has undergone a light brushing process, which has accentuated its coating, knots, natural cracks and fiber pattern. The cherry on top is the finish of this board with slightly tinted oil.

This "raw" wood will be a beautiful decoration for every room, giving them an exclusive character.