Wood: red oak, bodo bands
Width: 24 cm

Extravagant solutions do not necessarily mean excessive complexity. If you're looking for an original idea to arrange your living space, we're showcasing a tasteful red oak and bodo floor. The combination of these two species, on one hand a well-known, durable and noble oak, and on the other, exotic African bodo wood, will make every room a unique one.
Extravagant, but with class
Our custom floor is designed to surprise you with the intensity of colors while balancing the lack of brightness. With a subtle contrast game, the floors are beautifully elegant and original. Both types of wood are a sophisticated choice, so your interior will certainly impress the eyes of all guests by its exclusivity and prestige.
Our composition is dominated by brighter red oak floorboards, which show dark bodo bands. This combination guarantees an intriguing effect in traditional rooms and in more modern arrangements.
A four-centimeter dashboard width provides stability and a comfortable ride that cannot be replaced. The use of natural floors is not comparable to any other material, so if you live in a bunk home, we particularly recommend our extensive range of wooden stairs.

We would like to invite you to contact us, and we will certainly be able to find a perfect solution for your home. Welcome!