Wood: Ash
Width: 30 cm
Thickness: 2 cm
In addition: Finish: Dye-based pigment paint in white, semi-matt
The MP-72 floor board from “stairs – floors – interior” is a versatile model that is ideal for both children's rooms and the cozy living room.

The MP-72 wood board is made of beautiful, high-quality ash wood. This type of material is appreciated both by our customers and carpenters. The ash wood is famous for its unique color. The natural material is distinguished by a combination of light and dark color, which looks very effective. In addition, the ash is famous for being very flexible, and fresh wood is relatively easy to bend under brewing, wood is very easy to handle and good to polish.

The MP-72 wood floor model is finished with a pigmented lacquer in an elegant shade of white with a soft, semi-matt finish.
We particularly recommend them to people who are allergic. Ash wood contains no essential oils that may irritate sensitive people. Due to its hypoallergenic properties, the ash is preferred by parents for children's rooms.

Dimensions: The width of the wooden floor MP-72 is 30 centimeters and its thickness is 2 centimeters.
The MP-72 floor board model can be made for floor heating.