Wood: bodo
Length: 4,0 mb
Width: 24 cm
Thickness: 2 cm
Finish: lacquer
In addition: Can be made for floor heating

The MP-44 wooden floor board is a beautiful decorative model made by the company “Marchewka stairs– floors – interiors”.

To create this floor board bodo wood was used, also known as Amouk or Enouk. “Marchewka stairs – floors – interiors” ensures that the wood used in floors, stairs and other interior decoration is the raw material of the highest quality.

The abovementioned wood is:

a very stable type of wood,
made of raw material derived from trees growing in West Africa.
extremely easy to handle.

This exotic raw material is also distinguished by its unique color. It has a deep brown tint that sometimes falls into a reddish tone. Sometimes irregular, darker strands appear on the surface. When choosing to use exotic wood, it is worth remembering that every variety of it will decrease over time.

Bodo is a wood type considered as a decorative material. This floor looks great in rooms with a vintage note.

Our company has a patented system for installing such floors.