Wood: Bubinga
Length: 9,0 mb
Width: 24 cm
Thickness: 2 cm
Finish: lacquer
In addition: Can be made for floor heating

The MP-22 wooden floor board made by “Marchewka Stairs – Floors – Interiors” is an example of a beautiful floor with dark tones.

This wooden board model is made of an unusual, exotic bubinga wood. Due to the relatively difficult availability and high prices, this wood type is considered to be an exclusive one. The Bubinga wood comes from African trees up to 40-50 meters high and can have a diameter of up to two meters.

The color of this wood is also unique. The color of the bubinga goes from light red to dark red to brown, sometimes purple. Wood adds a unique touch to any room. It is selected for homes and apartments, but also for offices.

In terms of care, this type of wood is difficult to absorb any impregnation. It is preferable to finish them with paint or wax.

Dimensions: The width of the MP-22 wooden floor is 24 centimeters and its thickness is 2 cm. The length of the board is 9 meters.

The MP-22 floor board is also available for floor heating.