Wood: kosipo
Length: 4,0 mb
Width: 20 cm
Thickness: 2 cm
Finish: lacquer
In addition: Can be made for floor heating

The MP-20 wooden floor board made by “Marchewka Stairs – Floor – Interior” is a dark wood model with a beautiful deep color.

The MP-20 floor wooden board is made of extremely noble and carefully selected kosipo wood. It is very appreciated because of its unique colors: The combination of yellow, brown, ruby and also red. The character and note of exclusivity this wood species certainly adds a yellow powder filling the wood dishes, which makes the kosipo look like it is covered with golden particles. The MP-51 has been painted to add a unique wood color. This floor board blends perfectly into your interior with natural and soft tones, such as white, gray and other shades of bronze.
Remember that wood can be dimmed under the influence of sunlight, so do not place furniture or cardboard on a freshly laid floor that is then to be removed from there.
Dimensions: The thickness of the MP-20 wooden floor is 2 centimeters and its width is 20 centimeters. The board is 4 meters long.
The wooden floor MP-20 can also be made for floor heating.