Wood: kosipo
Length: 9,0 mb
Width: 24 cm
Thickness: 2 cm
Finish: lacquer
In addition: Can be made for floor heating

The MP-17 dark wooden floor board from “Marchewka Stairs – Floors – Interiors” combines a high-quality construction with a beautiful wood.

The MP-17 floor board is made of carefully selected exotic kosipo wood. This raw material is obtained from trees growing in rainforests in central and western Africa. Kosipo has a beautiful reddish color, which in the MP-17 has been further emphasized by painting.

Because of its origin, the kosipo wood contains essential oils. It is worth pointing out that this wood type is:
does not soak.
It will therefore be an excellent choice for finishing rooms with higher air humidity, for example in bathrooms or in indoor swimming pools.

“Marchewka Stairs – Floors – Interiors” has a patented system for installing these wooden floor boards.