How do you choose stairs for modern interiors?

Keeping a uniform style throughout your home is a challenge. The arrangement must be consistent in all its elements, i.e. colors, decorations and accessories, furniture, window covers or floors. However, when designing interiors, steps must not be forgotten, which should match their character with other parts. So how do you choose the stairs for modern interiors? Let's check it out!

schody z metalową balustradąSelect the appropriate material

When choosing stairs for interiors which are decorated in a modern style, the material of which they are made must be taken into account. The natural wood will provide an ideal base, as it goes hand-inhand with a variety of arrangements, both more classic and contemporary. The wood species, its shade
or structure should be tailored to the individual preferences and colors maintained throughout the home. A perfect complement to modern woods is made of materials such as:
They can be used to create unique forms, unusual balustrades and futuristic decorations. All this will complement the original and carefully crafted interior design and will highlight its modern and unique style.

Modern Design

When choosing the ideal stairs for modern interiors, it is also very important to design them, which in itself can be a unique feature of the home. Many models are based on minimalism, but you can also choose from more decorative types. Depending on your preferences, you can select:

  • a simple, rigid form of self-supporting stairs without any additional decoration, which looks great in
  • the open-air lofroom,
  • the form of carpet stairs mounted in the form of wooden steps on concrete,
  • the form of support steps which are mounted to the inner wall of the building.

The modern interior also features open-air stairs that have no footrets, and their lightweight,
delicate design is simple and versatile.