Board or panels – what to choose on the floor?

The setting up of a house or a major renovation often involves choosing a new floor. While there are
many possibilities available from floor manufacturers, a variety of panels and boards are the most
popular. Both of these solutions have advantages and disadvantages, as well as a group of supporters
who decide on them. In the following Article, we have provided an answer to what is the best choice
to make on the floor – boards or panels.

ciemna podłogaThe advantages of floor boards

The high durability of board floors is an important advantage. Wooden boards are made from several
layers of wood, eliminating the risk of deformation, cracking or swelling of the material. The top is
covered with a sufficiently thick paint layer that effectively protects the boards from damage during
everyday use. The panels are mainly made from HDF or MDF and laminated to look like natural wood.
Their wear resistance depends on the type and hardness of the plate used.
The possibility of renovation of wooden floors from boards is a major asset. If scratches or
unesthetically pleasing stains appear, you can scrape off the floor and then protect it with the topcoat
of paint to make it look new. Natural wood boards are also distinguished by their unique aesthetics
and bring a warm and cozy atmosphere to the rooms.

The advantages of a panel floor

The main advantage of the panel floors is their lower price compared to natural wood boards.
However, although their appearance may well imitate the structure and aesthetics of real wood, they
do not give off the heat or nature of the material. The wood, however, not only keeps the temperature
but also the sounds, so unlike the panels, it is a perfect insulator. As you can see, boards have a big
advantage over panels. So if you want the highest quality floor and want your investment to be worth
the price, consider choosing wooden boards for all interiors.