Wooden bathtub: Which bathroom amenities should you choose?


There are elements of the room design that surprise you, whether it is its functionality, the way it was made, or the material that was used to produce it. This is certainly the case with a wooden bathtub.

In Poland, the popularity of Scandinavian style does not decrease, most likely because it is a style that is nature compatible. Flashy colors won't be found here, but rather pastel and white colors, with any black accents. Walls are painted bright, floors are most often made of wood or covered with geometric patterns. Vegetation and any ecological references are well seen. The style is popular because of its aesthetics and its coziness. When designing a Scandinavian interior, remember soft materials, blankets and pillows.

Or can the bathroom be cozy? It would seem that this is a difficulty bordering on the impossible. After all, all rooms where a lot of water is used are associated with enamel, tiles, materials that are cold both to the touch and to the look. The first thing you can do to "warm up" our bathroom is to make sure you have a palette of colors. Choose bright warm colors for walls and floors, and add lighting. Another thing you can change is the materials that make the basic elements of the bathroom. The room will definitely gain if a wooden bathtub is used in the room. You don't have to worry about it getting soaked and the wood will be quickly destroyed under the influence of water. Of course, this bathtub is made of specially selected and prepared wood. It is important to select the right floor material. Good news for wood lovers, it's a good place to use in the bathroom and in other places where there is a lot of moisture. This is ideal for a wooden floor made of carefully selected Teakwood. Contains substances that prevent harmful effects of moisture, weather conditions, or temperature fluctuations. The wooden floor is very clean, neat and easy to keep clean. It's a lot more pleasant to get a bare foot on a wooden board than a cold tile.

When deciding on the Scandinavian design of the bathroom, you should also choose the appropriate addition to the wooden bathtub so that the whole can blend nicely. It is said that the devil is in the detail, and we are convinced that the essence is in the detail. Because the interior really takes on a specific character by choosing the right accessories. This must be kept in mind, including in the bathroom.
A kitchen cabinet is essential to store your towels and the tools you need, such as a shaver, hair curler, hair dryer, straightener and more. The cabinet can be replaced with a compost that is placed under the sink to save space. White furniture with wooden accents will be best presented.
In a bathroom with a wooden bathtub, you must ensure that even the smallest accessories are not accidentally left out of the way. The Myler, tissue box, beauty slab feeder make this ideal for use with a wooden lid. A common bathroom material is a Bamboo from which, for example, a cotton swab can be made. A big bathroom mirror in a wooden frame will be a big addition. It's a good idea to put your bathroom on the wood, because natural extras will come out of style, if