How much do the stairs cost

Many people are asking about the approximate cost of our stairs and there is nothing strange about it, as this valuation is helpful in estimating the investment budget. Let us remember, however, that each implementation is different, so it is possible to use specific amounts after examining all the factors influencing the final price of stairs. There are no two identical floors and this uniqueness makes the stairs exceptional.
We approach and value each execution individually. In cost operations, we take into account the size of the floor, the width of the run and the height of the stairs, the material of the stairs and the form of the balustrades. The type of wood and the number of meters of current railings on stairs and on the ceiling are important factors influencing the cost of stairs. A very important aspect is also the shape of the stairs and the number of bent and decorative elements that influence the production time. For example, both-sided bent or carved structures are much more time-consuming and their production process is much more complicated.


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We can prepare a document according to your preferences in several options, expanding your choices. In order to ensure that the quote is accurate, please refer to one of our fulfillment at Gallery Remember that you can point out one model that inspires the stairs and another model that is a choice of guardrails. Please also attach views of the ground floor and floor or photographs of a stairway with a dimensioned ceiling opening. If you do not have such materials, we are ready to visit you on site and take the necessary measurements. An important issue in your request for bid will also be the indication of where the project is to be carried out.

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